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Stretch marks are scars that develop due to fast skin growth or loss. Your skin fibers rip because of the sudden shift in weight or size. Spots develop as they recover. Stretch marks, which resemble skin streaks, commonly develop on the thighs, buttocks, upper arms, and abdomen. They typically start-up being red, purple, pink, or brown. Over time, the vivid streaks naturally lighten to a softer tint. Your skin’s texture is altered by stretch marks, which also leave undulating indentations.

The striae can also show up after rapid weight loss or gain, after rapid muscle growth from bodybuilding or a growth spurt in puberty, after breast enlargement surgery, during topical corticosteroids, or as a result of specific genetic disorders. Stretch marks are most common in younger, pregnant women who also have a family history of them. You’ve used creams, lotions, gels, and oils. Nothing appears to get rid of the stretch marks on your body. Now is the time to think about laser therapy. While stretch marks won’t entirely disappear after laser therapy, they may significantly lighten. Find out what stretch marks are, how lasers can help, and what to anticipate from a stretch mark laser treatment.

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So, if you want stretch marks removal treatment in Johor Bahru, get in touch with Dermed Clinic. It is an aesthetic center that offers top-notch dermatological and aesthetic care. Additionally, they provide numerous efficient procedures utilizing the most recent technology, including HIFU, RF, Neuromodulators, and dermal fillers. They provide two different methods of treating stretch marks, which include:

  • Dermed laser
  • Fractional co2 laser

How does it help?

As the skin grows, stretch marks are easily formed on it. Making the skin healthier is the best method to help it seem smoother. Lasers encourage the production of new collagen and elastin fibers in your skin. By doing so, your skin will appear smoother. Stretch marks can frequently be significantly reduced in appearance, even though lasers can’t permanently eliminate them. Stretch mark removal using laser therapy is a safe, non-invasive procedure with little risk of damage. Additionally, it is a quick, simple, long-lasting, and efficient approach to removing those unsightly stretch marks.‍

The absence of surgery is one of the main advantages of laser stretch mark removal. Stretch marks can be less noticeable using laser therapy, which doesn’t involve surgery or a lot of recovery time. The technique can reduce the visibility of stretch marks and improve the appearance of your skin by promoting collagen formation in the skin. For people with all skin tones, it works. The treatment is particularly effective on recent and shallow stretch marks and treats deeper stretch marks. The therapy produces results rather quickly. Women who have recently given birth are particularly fond of stretch mark laser therapy, and patients who have rapidly changed weight also benefit significantly from this treatment. Therefore, get stretch marks eliminated now with the help of a skin specialist in Johor Bahru of Dermed Clinic, and don’t let them undermine your confidence. Stop deliberating and call them right away.

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