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An individual’s hair is their most valuable possession because it helps define their individuality. In the ancient era, only women used to consider hair as their statement for beauty. However, today, in the modern era, even men are more conscious about how they carry their hair.

Hair loss Treatment johor bahru

As a natural and inevitable component of the human cycle, the average person loses between 80 and 90 individual hairs per day. On the other hand, a disruption in the equilibrium occurs when there is a greater amount of hair fall in conjunction with a decreased rate of hair growth. Alopecia is the name used by doctors to describe this condition, which causes hair to fall out. The question that needs to be answered is why hair loss occurs. What are the primary factors that contribute to it, and how can it be remedied?

It is imperative that you have a solid understanding of the nature of the problem at hand before consulting with a dermatologist. The following are some of the most common reasons for hair loss:

1. Aging

2. Hormonal imbalances

3. Pregnancy

4. Stress and worry

5. Genetics

6. a sudden and severe drop in weight

7. Lupus

8. A deficit in essential nutrients

9. Over-styling of the hair, including pulling, heating, and styling tools

After you have determined the reason for your thinning hair, you can start thinking about getting hair loss treatment in Johor Bahru.

Why should you get treatment at Dermed Clinic for your hair loss?

Individuals are encouraged to take advantage of the therapeutic facility’s commitment to helping them become both more aesthetically pleasing and more physically well. In order to provide the most effective treatment for hair loss in Johor Bahru, Dermed Clinic has developed the most cutting-edge technology, which includes the following:

1. Mesotherapy

In this treatment, medicines, nutrient-rich compounds, and plant extracts are all created from scratch. All of these things are injected directly into the scalp in order to ensure complete absorption and rejuvenation of the hair. The ultimate effect is an increase in the rate of hair growth.

2. Medications used topically and those taken orally

These are recommended based on the particular circumstances of each individual patient. Treatments can either be applied topically or taken orally, but the goals of both are the same: to stimulate hair growth and eliminate the underlying cause of hair loss.

It is crucial to consult a dermatologist in Johor Bahru if you are experiencing balding or thinning hair. This will allow you to get to the bottom of the issue and figure out how to either stop the loss of hair or start growing it back.

Make your appointment with Dermed Clinic

You can trust Dermed Clinic in Johor Bahru to provide you with the ideal therapy for hair loss, regardless of whether you have just begun to notice a significant amount of hair strands falling out each day or whether it is an ongoing problem. The clinical institution maintains the conviction that trust is the cornerstone of a satisfying and effective haircare experience.

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