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Are they adorable? Aren’t pandas? But not if you are already beginning to resemble one. And these days, it’s practically impossible to meet someone who isn’t struggling with this barrier to having radiant, healthy skin. These stubborn dark circles, exacerbated by stress, are only getting worse with schedules that include little or no sleep. But did you realize that while we’re all dealing with this one major issue, there’s another? No one-size-fits-all method will work to make your skin look healthy because not all dark circles are the same.

Compared to other regions of the body, the skin surrounding the eyes is susceptible and relatively thin and delicate. The deep layers of the skin will begin to reflect all the changes occurring within them like a mirror.

Despite all of that, treating them is simple. But Dermed Clinic has figured out how to treat dark circles, so you can all be relieved of your pain. It is a skin and aesthetic clinic committed to providing patients with the highest quality care possible. They believe that trust is the foundation of a successful and pleasurable skincare experience, which is why it is central to their mission of empowering their clients through physical transformations. They use cutting-edge techniques like HIFU, RF, Neuromodulators, and Dermal Fillers to help their patients by providing anti-aging skin care treatment in Johor Bahru. Dermed clinic provides the following treatment for dark circles:

  • Fractional Co2 Laser
  • Pigment Laser / Nano second laser
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Chemical peel

The technology underlying these lasers enables the energy to be absorbed by the lower layers without damaging the upper layers when laser treatments stimulate collagen formation. The laser energy is transformed into heat as it permeates the skin tissue. The body makes more collagen as a result of the heat. Since collagen can help to restore fullness, it aids in the removal of dark circles beneath the eyes by reducing the visual impact of the blood vessels under the skin.

Ablative lasers that target collagen formation and skin tightening are known as carbon dioxide (Co2) lasers. They can be used to treat dark circles with pigment. In a more contemporary ablative laser treatment technique called fractional laser resurfacing therapy, particular microscopic regions of the skin are heated up and intentionally harmed. The body’s natural collagen manufacturing process is strengthened as the skin quickly regenerates to close off each damaged area. In this way, the surface skin is reshaped, and tissue is carefully sculpted using the laser.

While PRP is a non-invasive, all-natural treatment for under-eye circles, in the PRP procedure, the physician will draw blood from the patient and separate the platelet-rich plasma, which has a growth factor that promotes skin regeneration and healing, from the rest of the blood. These acts improve the skin’s condition and lessen the appearance of skin aging symptoms. In the case of PRP for dark circle eye treatment in Johor Bahru, the regenerative serum is injected under the eyes into the troublesome areas. This will facilitate tissue renewal and repair. So don’t hesitate; get in touch with them to get skin free of dark circles and dazzle people with your perfect complexion.

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