Enlarged Pores: What are the best medical treatments offered by your skin doctor?

Enlarged Pores Treatment

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Skin pores are crucial to release body heat and keep your skin moisturized. However, various factors can cause enlarged pores leading to blackheads, whiteheads, acne, etc. While these are not serious health concerns, they can make you feel concerned about your appearance. If such skin concerns trouble you, we advise you to visit an aesthetic clinic JB. Based on your skin condition, they would offer the necessary medical treatment. This blog will discuss a few medical produce your skin doctor might recommend for enlarged pores.

Often sun exposure, ageing, loss of collagen and elastin, hormone imbalance can cause enlarged pores. It can lead to a rough and inflamed skin appearance. Moreover, oily skinned people are more prone to suffer from enlarged pores. It is because every hair follicle on your skin has a pore at its top and a gland inside. This gland is called the sebaceous gland that produces oil. When your sebaceous gland produces excess oil, it causes oily skin.

Moreover, when the excess oil combines with dirt or makeup, it can clog your pores. If left untreated, you may experience pimples. Hence, it is better to treat your enlarged pores early to improve your skin health.

Medical Treatment for Enlarged Pores

Your skin doctor at a skin clinic in Johor Bahru might use the following procedure to treat enlarged pores. Let’s discuss them.

Topical Medication

Your skin doctor might recommend tretinoin-based creams to shrink your pores. However, if you are pregnant or lactating, your doctor might not recommend applying these products.

Chemical Peels

The acids present in the chemical peels can help shrink up your pores. Further, they also help boost collagen production, increase cell turnover, and remove dirt, oil and debris from your skin. Clean pores help your skin appear glowing. Regular chemical peels can improve your skin health. In this regard, you should remember that it can make your skin a little bit sensitive, for which you need aftercare. First, you need to moisturize your skin regularly. Next, you should never step out in the sun without applying sunscreen with at least SPF 30.

Chemical Peels can effectively exfoliate your skin to present a smoother and softer surface. Moreover, it can help reduce sun damage, dark spots, sun spots, pigmentation and freckles. Further, you will notice a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with chemical peels. In addition, this treatment procedure can help reduce various skin imperfections such as scars, blemishes, etc. It helps boost collagen and new skin cells production, improving your complexion and enhancing product efficacy.

Glycolic Peel

It helps in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation. The procedure is similar to chemical peels; however, it loosens and exfoliates the uppermost layer of your skin. If your skin has open sores or any other skin concerns, the doctor might not recommend this process.


Your skin doctor may choose any of the two procedures involved in Microdermabrasion treatment. They are – Diamond/Crystal tip and Crystal Microdermabrasion.

  • Diamond/Crystal Tip Microdermabrasion – A painless exfoliating procedure where your doctor uses a diamond or crystal-tipped want to remove dead skin cells or any other impurities from the epidermis. This procedure is effective for patients regardless of their skin type. It can also help treat wrinkles, age spots, acne, stretch marks, etc.
  • Crystal Microdermabrasion – In this procedure, your skin doctor sprays fine crystals on your epidermis with the help of a hand-held device. They use this crystal to remove dead skin cells and other impurities from the outer layer of your skin. Sodium bicarbonate and aluminium oxide are the common crystal types used during this medical procedure.

As the diamond/crystal tip procedure is much gentler than the latter, your skin doctor Johor Bahru might recommend it if you have sensitive skin or experiencing various skin issues.

Microdermabrasion is effective in treating enlarged and clogged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, acne scar, hyperpigmentation, blackheads, etc. Moreover, it enhances blood circulation to help improve your overall skin health. As it promotes blood circulations, it helps improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells, which is crucial for healthy looking skin.

This medical procedure boost new skin cells, collagen and elastin production. Often, natural ageing, hormones, excess sun exposure, etc., can make your skin appear dull. On the other hand, with microdermabrasion, you are likely to experience more vibrant, glowing and healthier-looking skin.

If that is not enough, another advantage of this medical procedure is that it helps your skin absorb skincare products faster. It implies that if you treat any current skin concerns, this procedure can help your skin be more receptive to other skincare products.

Enlarged Pores

Preventive measures for the development of Enlarged Pores

Your skin specialist in JB can advise you of the following skin care tips to prevent the appearance of enlarged pores. Proper skincare can help prevent various skin concerns resulting from enlarged pores.

Selecting water-based skincare products

Many moisturizing products have oil in them as an active ingredient. However, skin doctors recommend using water-based products and makeup to prevent enlarged pores. Oil-based products contain coconut oil, petroleum and other kinds of oils. They can effectively moisturize your skin but are not suitable for individuals with enlarged pores or oily skin. In addition, using them can make your pores appear more prominent. You can consult your doctor to learn about the skin care products you should use to prevent worsening skin conditions.

Washing face twice a day

Ideally, you should wash your skin twice daily. It is one of the most basic skincare routines you should never skip. Further, if you sweat or exercise a lot, you need to wash your face more often. It would be better to use lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser to wash your face. Further, you must also avoid rubbing or scrubbing your face aggressively. Finally, use a clean towel to pat your face dry. Regularly washing your face as required can help keep your skin clean and make your pores less visible.

Using a gel-based cleanser

If you have oily skin, it is better to use a gel-based cleanser to make your pores less noticeable. Moreover, you should avoid using alcohol or oil based cleansers as they might cause skin irritation. Further, using a moisturizing cleanser might leave residue in your pores, causing your skin to appear oilier.

Exfoliating Regularly

Your dermatologist Johor Bahru will also suggest exfoliating your facial skin once or twice a week. Doing so can help remove dead skin cells, dirt, and excess oil from your pores. It is better to look for products that contain salicylic acid, polyhydroxy acid – to strengthen skin’s barrier function, and mandelic acid – if you have sensitive skin. Your skin doctor can guide you regarding the right products you should use for exfoliating purposes. In addition, you should avoid exfoliating more than twice a week. The reason is frequent exfoliation can make your skin appear dry, which will further cause enlarged pores.

Moisturize regularly

While washing, cleansing and exfoliating your skin can keep them clean, you also need to moisturize your skin regularly. Oily-skinned individuals should use an oil-free moisturizer to prevent making their skin appear more prominent.

Once you clean your face and pat it dry, it’s time to hydrate your skin with moisturizer. Further, it can help soften your skin. Moisturizing skin allows it to absorb the oil from your sebaceous gland more deeply instead of clogging your pores or leaving it to the surface. As a result, moisturizing will offer your skin the required nourishment to prevent dry skin. In addition, it would help prevent clogged pores, thereby shrinking your pores.

Applying a clay mask

If required, your skin doctor Johor Bahru may suggest using a clay mask once or twice a day. It has helped remove excess oil from your skin pores. As mentioned earlier, when you remove oil from your pores, it makes them less noticeable.

Ideally, you should not apply a clay mask on the days you are exfoliating your skin. Performing these procedures on the same day can overtreat your skin, irritating it. Further, it might make your skin appears dry. It not only will cause enlarged pores but may also lead to blemishes. You can consult your doctor the right way to include exfoliation and the application of clay masks in your skincare routine. Based on your skin type and condition, they can also guide you to perform both procedures or skip either of them.

Remember to remove your makeup before going to bed

Regardless of whether you have any skin concerns or not, it would help if you never went to bed without removing your makeup correctly. If you skip this step, your makeup, oil, and bacteria will clog your pores and make them prominent. Even if you feel exhausted, use cleansing wipes or gentle cleansers to properly remove any makeup residue from your skin.

Apply Sunscreen

After the nightly skincare routine, always apply sunscreen when you step out in the sun the following day. Oily skinned people can apply a gel-based sunscreen. Ensure that your sunscreen must have at least SPF 30. Therefore, by following the preventive measures mentioned above, you can prevent your pores from getting enlarged. Even if your pores become prominent, your skin doctor might use the treatment procedures mentioned in this article. On your part, you need to follow the aftercare procedure to get the best results from your treatment.

Dermed Clinic is an aesthetic clinic JB that treats various skin concerns of its patients. If you are bothered by your skin issues, consult Dr Muniandi at Dermed Clinic for the necessary treatments.

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